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Due to COVID-19, our play area and dining are currently on pause.  We’ll be back eating & playing ASAP!


something for everyone!

Are you looking for something that is safe, fun and totally new?  We have unique and socially distanced ways to Electric Playhouse. Check back often to see what new things we’ve got cooking. 

immersive dining

Immersive Dining is a new kind of dining experience that engages all your senses by weaving together cuisine, entertainment, good company and visually immersive interactive projection-mapping. We pair seasonal, themed food menus from Chef Julian Griego with these spectacular interactive visual effects and music from Electric Playhouse artists to evoke a magical social environment like no other. Guests interact with the visual and other projected creations on the table top while they engage with the unique environment and fellow guests.Menus and themes change seasonally and we offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free selections. See it to believe it!

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curiosities of the southwest

Foraging the Southwest – upscale Southwestern inspired dishes highlighting ingredients wildly grown and foraged all around the Southwest region. Take a journey through the Southwest and experience a culinary exploration of unique regional ingredients and flavors that is only available in this part of the world.

coming soon

Brunch In Paris

Explore the gem of Europe without leaving home
Relax on a street cafe in Paris, taking in the sights. Enjoy a brunch menu from our chef Julian Griego as you are surrounded by the sights and sounds of the city of lights.

Space Recon

a digital gaming adventure
Your mission is to explore a far away world and untangle the mysteries found there by playing games, solving puzzles and decoding ancient messages. Coming 2020.

dinner adventures:

Trouble in Paradise
Bring the whole family out to a dinner they will be begging to sit through! This dinner adventure is filled with interactive fun and games, great food and stunning visuals. Finally, the question "Where should be go for dinner" is a no-brainer.

something unexpected, beautiful, & wonderful.

other bits of awesome

We can’t waitn until we can get back to hosting the best parties in town, but until then we are cooking up something fun. Check out or tech camps for kids below and come back soon for the newest way to Experience Electric Playhouse.

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