Electric Playhouse Studios re-created a section of Lake Tahoe, complete with correct depth, sea life and environment.  One of the clearest bodies of water in the country comes to life in a Virtual Reality demo showcased at the Association of Zoos & Aquariums mid-year meeting.

Throughout the VR experience, pieces of information on Lake Tahoe and its environment and wildlife are presented to the user, so they glean a bit of educational content as they move through the virtual world.

Additionally, there are several species of native salmon that were pulled into the Lake Tahoe experience, complete with human-avoidance and accurate flocking algorithms.

While the VR experience is an individual experience at its core, Electric Playhouse Studios presented the user's view on a secondary screen to let others see their journey through the virtual Lake Tahoe.  This created a great social environment of AZA participants discussing the experience, the presented information and VR as an educational medium.