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Electric Playhouse is a pioneer of digital technology and the perfect venue for flying micro drones and teaching the next generation of drone pilots how to have fun and fly safely.

Nuevo FUEGO is a collaborative of New Mexico pilots dedicated to making drone racing accessible to everyone. Safety, respect, and fun are our objectives. All are welcome.

We arrange races according to skill level;
Beginner (never raced before / just learning) These pilots will be paired with a more advanced pilot to show them the ropes and provide tech and flight advice.
Intermediate (can fly well / made the podium at a beginner race)
Pro (ludicrous speed / pilots at the top of their game)

Micro drones, collectively referred to as “Whoops”. They are small, light, and totally safe to fly indoors and in close proximity to people. Come watch, learn and have fun with us! These events will literally blow your hair back!!


Show off your skills and come out to race or watch pilots battle it out. Races are arranged according to skill level. 

  • Bi-weekly on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Pro races
  • Enjoy the Cafe & Bar while you watch the pilots race


Learn to fly in this ages 8 & up class.

  • Camps offered Bi-weekly on Wednesday nights 
  • 4pm – 6pm
  • Drone will be provided for use during the 3 hours session.
  • Camps are limited to 20 participants. 
  • Ages 8 and under can participate if  accompanied by a parent or guardian

FPV Racing

This is a term taken from video games where the player is seeing the game from the viewpoint of the character.  Basically, this means that the pilot has an “on board” view as though they were actually inside the drone.




Jesse Sansom

Professional Drone Pilot – Film Maker – Graphic Artist

FAA Part 107 Certified (commercial drone license) since 2017

Flies Drones Professionally for: Balloon Fiesta, Sandia Tramway, Visit ABQ, and  Amazon

Has trained basic flight skills needed to fly all drones to over 100 beginners of every age. Whether you want to fly recreationally or professionally, this is the place to start (especially if you want to race).

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