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Creative Coding Camp for Kids: Reservations and Information Now Available

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A new kind of camp, for Albuquerque’s superstar kids


We are creators, artists, coders and engineers and we want to share our knowledge with the next generation!

Our ongoing summer and educational camp series:  CODENAME: Creative Camps for Kids, begins on Monday, June 15th with our first summer series: CODENAME: PLAY.  A beginner coding camp for ages 6-12, starting at 9am, with a focus  on some of the basics of coding in a playful, private, safe and socially-distanced environment.  Each student will be provided a laptop for daily use and simple guidance for learning the basics of coding.

Lunch is included daily, along with breaks to play socially distanced games.  Follow the link below to make reservations.

From one parent to another,

This inaugural code-based camp is something that is close to me.  As a computer engineer by education and a creative coder at heart, it has always been our mission to incorporate STEM education into our product offerings (or STE[A]M as we see it – always need the art).  With Codename: PLAY, we bring all of the parts of what we do, from playing to technology to great food offerings, into a cohesive half day camp for kids ages 6-12 years old.

Everything we do is based on code and the use of technology to build great experiences.  We are excited to share some of our knowledge and excitement for this modern art in this inaugural camp offering.  Of course, kids will play, laugh and eat along the way in our sanitized and socially-distanced space.  The safety of your kids, our staff and everyone in between is our primary focus in this critical time.

  • Week-long Camps, Monday-Friday
  • $200 per student, including lunch
  • 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm Sessions
  • Bitsbox Subscription Discount
  • Project-based coding and safe distancing small-group play
  • Wide range of coding challenges (JavaScript-based)
  • Individual computers per student
  • Lunch provided daily from our Chef Driven menu
  • Private, immersive room swith dedicated instructor
  • Interactive walls and tables add additional messaging and information to enhance the learning experience
  • Electric Playhouse follows all COVID-related guidelines for safety
  • Camp t-shirt included

See you then,

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