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As creators, artists, coders and engineers and we want to share our knowledge with the next generation!

CODENAME: PLAY. A beginner coding camp for ages 6-12, with a focus on some of the basics of coding in a playful, private, and safe environment. Each student will be provided a laptop for daily use and simple guidance for learning the basics of coding.

Students can register for either a morning, afternoon or full day session, with an hour play break in between.

For morning and afternoon sessions, a snack is included daily, along with breaks to play in our one-of-a-kind family entertainment center.

For full day sessions, students may bring their own lunch or purchase one from the cafe each day.

Students will be assigned a level on the first day of camp based on age and skill level.

Level 1: Coding Camp (ages 6-12)

Students receive an introduction to the coding platform, which is a playful and colorful set of exercises and challenges that builds skills with each new lesson. Students progress at their own pace through the first six modules and experiment in this Level 1 camp. This is a beginner coding camp based in JavaScript. No previous coding experience is required.

Level 2: Coding Camp (ages 6-12)


Students continue to code and learn more challenging concepts, within the same lively and experiential platform as Level 1. Students progress through the next six modules in this Level 2 camp, and are playfully introduced to arrays, functions, color theory, logic operators and more! Don’t let that scare you — this is part two of a beginner camp where students progress at their own pace, and our talented camp counselors are there with you every step of the way. Prior completion of our Level 1 camp is highly recommended.



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