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Frequently asked questions

What are the Battling Bots Leagues?

The leagues are a first-of-their-kind augmented-reality game-playing experiences where teams of kids, adults, and families battle with robots to win competitions and prizes over a four-week period. Participants can come once or attend each week of the season. For consistent teams and league prizes, a team must be registered for the whole season.

What are the age ranges?

Family / Kids Leagues: Ages 8 and over to participate (anyone can watch!)

Adult League (Bots & Brews): Ages 21 and over

When is it?

Registration will begin March 15th (March 1st for those who express early interest below). Leagues will begin late spring and a confirmed start date will be announced in the coming months, as we receive clarity on COVID restrictions as they are lifted.

Family / Kids Leagues: Weekend late afternoons, set aside 1.5-2.5 hours to enjoy! (Final times TBD)

Adult League: Thursday evenings, set aside 2 hours to enjoy! (Final times TBD)

What is the experience?

Teams will choose and accessorize their robot, then joust, battle, compete, and play games with options to enjoy food and beverages between playing times.  Teams that go all-in have added opportunities for more playing time, more arenas to conquer, and the ability to have additional practice battles at home.

Is this event in-person or virtual?

This is an in-person league. While we may have ways to view the league championships virtually, it is intended to be a hands-on learning and engagement experience. Both Electric Playhouse and Be Greater Than Average will follow all necessary COVID guidelines at the time of the events to provide the safest experience possible for our guests and staff.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Nothing! Participants will learn everything they need to know about robotics to participate in a match.   

How are these leagues different? 

These leagues are the first in the nation to combine projected augmented reality and battling bots for an off-the-charts experience. The leagues combine the captivating signature Electric Playhouse experience with the know-how and competition design of Albuquerque’s own 15-time state and regional robotics champion, Be Greater Than Average. 

Our Promise: To create STEAM edutainment that is off-the-charts fun and full of learning that is memorable, desired, and long-lasting.

How can I make the most of my league experience:

  1. Go all-in and attend every week or register your team for the full term up front (4 weeks).
  2. Experience all arenas and game-playing experiences.
  3. Purchase and accessorize your own robot and continue the fun and learning at home with your family. 
  4. Use the leagues as a launching pad to go deeper into the world of STEAM and robotics.
  5. Visit for more information on STEAM learning and leadership opportunities, including joining a robotics team and attending state, regional, and national competitions.


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