Electric Playhouse Studios and the AQB BioPark partnered to bring a beloved, albeit outdated, dinosaur mural in the Reptile House into the 21st century. How do you salvage an old mural that has outdated content, titles and scientific information?  

You add augmented layers of information on top of the old to give it new life.  Making something new out of something old.

Electric Playhouse Studios augmented the existing mural buy using a motion detection system coupled with a 3-projector projection mapping system. When a visitor approaches the mural, animated graphics and information appear,  which outline the dinosaur closest in proximity along with presenting the new information alongside the animated outline.  

The newly augmented exhibit did not alter the original mural in any way, however it is now an interactive experience for visitors as they trigger the release of content. It is surprising for the visitor as well, making it a memorable experience and one they will want to share with others.

This exhibit is a perfect example of the work Electric Playhouse Studios loves to do: either augmenting existing spaces to make them new, or creating new immersive and surprising environments that create wonder, foster excitement and encourage learning.