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Welcome to a new kind of place.

Electric Playhouse was built with one big idea: play is important for everyone. You never grow out of having fun and we’re so proud that everyone, ages 3-80 can come and have a great time at the Playhouse. You don’t need any equipment to join in our projection-based digital gameplay arena and we’ve cooked up some challenges for your brain, body, or both! Just bring yourself and step through to a kind of digital gaming you’ve never experienced, where the building itself responds to your movement and the content is changing constantly. 

We knew big ideas needed a lot of room, so our 24,000 square foot facility has space for you to run, jump, move, test your agility, and explore. 

If you prefer dance we’ve got you covered. We host a crazy variety of DJs, live music, and special performances where the dance floor responds to your movement, and taking a break to play is always on the table.

Our staff might be the most excited about our full service restaurant and bar. Our chef  is a food wizard who keeps the menu packed with nutritious dishes you’ll crave over and over.

Speaking of yum, our immersive dining experiences are like nothing else you’ve ever seen, or heard, or tasted. Join us for our chef-driven fine dining events in one of our 360° projection-mapped, interactive communal dining rooms. If you’re not blown away by the immersive visual content, delicious seasonal dishes, and engrossing interactive tabletop projections, then you can focus on the unlimited wine paired to each course. 

The possibilities for our space are endless and we come up with a new crazy idea every single day. Yoga in space? Yeah we can do that.  Watching sports on a 30-foot-tall screen? Yep we’ve done that too! Over the top birthday parties that you’ll remember forever? Oh yeah. And we’re just getting started.  

At Electric Playhouse, we are all about having fun in a whole new way, and we  can’t wait to see you explore, play, and enjoy the world of Electric Playhouse.

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